Kaptiche takes up the challenging task of capturing real-time data from machines. It connects with manufacturer’s PLC / CNC machines to fetch tags and decipher machine commands. 

It also can extract data from cameras and analyze the information to make timely decisions.

Machine Data Extraction

HMI Data Extraction

Kaptiche captures HMI dashboards and extracts warnings from the machines. The HMI displays 7 alerts and downtime warnings over the floating screen, which Kaptiche captures through PLC machines. Kaptiche can also capture rapidly fluctuating machine commands e.g., binary codes, and decodes them for easy access.

OEE dashboards

Kaptiche facilitates SQDC reports to be digitally displayed in the process area to review, track, and convey how the workflow is performing against 4 categories of Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost. These daily metrics allow your production team’s everyday progress.

Threshold & notifications

If any configurable machine parameters reach above or below the threshold limits, an automatic notification will be sent to the production team. For example, if the temperature level exceeds or goes down the preset threshold limit, Kaptiche triggers an automatic text message (SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp, etc.) to the stakeholders to draw an immediate response.

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