Kaptiche God’s Eye leverages Machine Vision technology to use ordinary CCTV cameras and convert them into an intelligent data processing engine.

It precisely monitors objects, people, and everyday work practices in a production line and provides real-time reports. With God’s Eye, safety checkpoints can be automated, ensuring a workplace of zero safety violations.

God's Eye

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition aspect of God’s Eye begins right from the entry of an employee to an organization’s premises. The system automatically detects and captures the image of the employee for attendance without having to show up for the biometric device! 

People Tracking

In the event of an emergency evacuation and safety drills, rest assured that all of your employees are safe! God’s Eye is smart enough to recognize people from the camera and provides an exact number of workers on the premises.

Work Area Tracking

God’s Eye takes employee safety its prime importance. By recognizing the no-entry zone or the limited number of people to be working in a production line, it alerts the supervising crew in case of any safety violations.

PPE Detection

Violation of PPE wearing is a major threat to manufacturers and results in unfortunate injuries. God’s Eye is quick to spot all kinds of PPEs like high-viz reflective jackets, safety shoes, helmets, gloves, etc. and reports if any violations are found.


The reality of safety implementation rests on the committed participation of employees. God’s Eye gamifies the PPE compliance and allows you to encourage your employees with rightly earned rewards and benefit points.

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