Process Automation Solution for Manufacturing

Kaptiche is an automated document capture product that enables the manufacturing industry with the first mile of going digital, along with superior automated workflow capabilities. The user defined workflow is specifically designed with the needs of the modern Manufacturer in mind and removes the need of spending time to manually sort and capture details from all those documents you process. Kaptiche makes the otherwise lost data visible and provides you with these data from the documents, as and when they arrive at your organization, on time, every time! The monotonous routine paperwork is dealt with ease by our superior AI-based document capture and extracts the data to fit them into your downstream applications. It remodels the traditional workflow by assisting manufacturers in shifting their focus from unproductive and stagnant practices to digitized and more advanced document processing.

Kaptiche leverages the machine learning and artificial intelligence capability of the product to achieve data entry functions of document classification, validation, and extraction in a highly digitized fashion. Extract information from scanned papers that comes in multiple different formats and feed the extracted data back into your PLM and Enterprise Resource Planning in real-time with minimal intervention thereby reducing errors and speeding up the whole process.

Kaptiche stores the source documents all at one place enabling improved traceability for information governance, e-discovery, audits or just to easily check them up in the future. This workplace productivity is successfully translated into enriched customer engagement, fruitful ROI, and an ultimate competitive edge in the Global Manufacturing market.

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What makes Kaptiche capture different?

Artificial Intelligence based workflow for document classification

Effectively contributes relevant data for PDM and PLM to streamline the engineering workflow

Enables the paperless manufacturing with seamless integration with existing system

Mobile based capture for instant data feeds in real-time for efficient manufacturing planning

Enables management quick decision on the further investments and strategic planning based on the immediate available data

Enables bottom-line reseller / sales person to update the real-time customer and market feedback for quick decisions

Machine learning based algorithm to predict the request specific data with the user on the workflow process

Intelligent Process Automation to ensure flexibility, data transparency and better control on the business transactions