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Kaptiche Basic ROI

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In this era of Industry 4.0, where business operations are driven by the integration of connected, autonomous, and smart digital technologies, automation becomes pivotal to speed up worldwide growth.

Globally, industries are in dire need of creating new revenue streams, opening up distribution channels, and streamlining business design. The question remains on how would you choose the best-fit solutions that can improve your business bottom line and give you the best returns on your investment. A leap of faith won’t work anymore; you have to carefully predetermine the path you’re going to choose.

That said, favorable business returns from technology is a sure driver of growth. Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) is a must-have to evaluate and forecast the profitability of different investments. Hence, it is important to understand that the question is not, if you need  to automate, but rather to decide, to plan, to choose and to ensure that it is a good financial decision.


When it comes to P2P automation, it can be a capital expenditure and its adoption a complex decision to make.

The fact remains that those that proactively embrace automation will be the leaders of tomorrow, shaping the future of their industries. But, to do the math to justify your budget here’s an ROI calculator to see how Kaptiche P2P automation is more beneficial than you can ever imagine. The calculator helps you compare the efficiency of a few investments against our complete procure-to-pay automation. You will find the ROI formula will be helpful in making a well-informed financial decision.​

What is Kaptiche Procure to pay Automation? 

KIPA is an AI-powered intelligent process automation platform that enables end-to-end processing of documents along with its customizable workflows. With its well-developed Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process automation, you can completely automate the approach of an organization to purchase the goods and services needed for doing business.

Kaptiche P2P automation brings together both the procurement to Accounts Payable (AP) departments with seamless digitization and process automation.

Kaptiche comes with an advanced vendor management system and other notable facilities of document tracking, approval & escalations along with invoice to PO mapping. Simply put, KIPA automates, manages, tracks and monitors the entire P2P processes.​

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