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Social distance tracking even on high-touch assembly lines
  • Ensure employees adhere to the social distancing regulations set by Government
  • Avoid gatherings in the plant with real-time social distance tracking
  • Immediate alerts through public announcement systems when employees come in close proximity
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Fever screening with outstanding thermal imaging
  • Precise measurement of employees’ temperature and restricts the likelihood of disease infection to others
  • Bring Intelligence in thermal screening and get real time alerts on employee health from historical temperature readings
  • Thermal imaging is real-time and extremely fast. It avoids long queue and operational delays
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Preemptive safety mask adherence to flatten the curve
  • Remotely monitoring of employees through live surveillance feed for PPE adherence (Face Mask) and prevent spread
  • Detect the face mask violators immediately and thus protects them and others from possible infection
  • Configure the multiple types of PPE (Face Mask) that needed to be monitored at defined area
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No-touch Attendance - An inventive solution to stay away from virus hotspots
  • Contactless attendance contains and mitigates COVID-19 contamination
  • Capture employees in milliseconds with high-speed matching functionality
  • Spoof-proofing, eliminating the buddy tagging and other errors of manual & RFID attendance system
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No-touch Attendance – An inventive solution to stay away from virus hotspots

Kaptiche zero-touch attendance system is the need of the hour to avoid huge risks of viral contamination through the traditional fingerprint biometrics or iris recognition. The system makes use of facial recognition and deep learning algorithms to capture the incoming employees’ faces for access control. This touchless approach mitigates virus spread through close contact.

No extra hardware setup

All it takes for Kaptiche is your existing IP cameras. You don’t need any special devices to integrate with your existing CCTV systems. This simplicity lets you configure the system in no time and avoids cost overruns in these uncertain times.

Futuristic facial recognition-based attendance

The system is airtight in its ability to match the faces of your employees. Its no-touch attendance helps your employees maintain social distancing right from the entry of the premises.

A foolproof system with high accuracy

Kaptiche cannot be fooled into allowing the probable carrier of the virus into the organization as it is accurate and reliable. This error-free authentication protects your organization from infection intrusion.

Fever screening with outstanding thermal imaging

Increased body temperature is a red flag for potential COVID-19 infection. 90% of COVID-19 infected people in China have been diagnosed with fever. Kaptiche fever detection system is an effective preventive measure to contain the current pandemic Instead of the reactive response when the crisis hits badly, Kaptiche God’s Eye screens the likely carriers of the virus in real-time and prevents any further spread of the disease in your organization.

Way better than IR thermometer

Kaptiche is far more accurate than the usual go-to option of infrared thermometers. IR thermometers have difficult times in correlating facial surface temperature with employees’ body core temperature. It results in false-negatives and underestimates the actual number of possible infected persons.

AI-driven accuracy

Kaptiche thermal imaging system can effectively distinguish between the normal and feverish people by presetting the optimum threshold temperature. It triggers off alarms when the incoming employees’ body temperature exceeds 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (98.6 F or 37 C).

Real-time monitoring while working

It is highly likely that some employees who have passed the thermal scanning at the beginning of a shift might get sick later. Kaptiche can be integrated with factory floor CCTVs to identify those employees’ abnormal temperature rise in real-time even before the supervisors come to know.

Preemptive safety mask adherence to flatten the curve

Respiratory droplets are the major mode of COVID-19 transmission. Kaptiche God’s Eye assists you to fight the pandemic by closely monitoring your employees’ PPE (safety masks) violations. The system limits contagious probability in the environment by enforcing PPE adherence even for pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic employees.

Safety masks: an effective form of source control

In conjunction with existing hygienic measures such as hand washing and physical distancing, Kaptiche helps you detect masks like N95 respirators and adds an extra layer of protection in your factory.

Automatic live notifications

The removal of or inappropriate wearing of facial masks set off a real-time email, text message notifications for quick corrective actions. This foolproof visibility shapes up your employees for the new normal and ensures a safe ecosystem to work in.

Self-safety as a powerful crisis management

Kaptiche PPE recognition holds your employees accountable for their self-safety and helps you resolutely fight the pandemic. Kaptiche increases the PPE compliance level and cuts down the probable transmissibility per contact.

Social distance tracking even on high-touch assembly lines

COVID-19 accelerated the trend of social distancing. But it is not practicable in manufacturing workspace where operators are usually spaced at 0.6-meter intervals. Kaptiche’s inherent machine vision technology helps your employees avoid close contact and practice the safe distance of 1-2 meters as specified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A bird’s-eye-view of work territory

Kaptiche streams the real-time social distancing reports to the safety officers to analyze the safety patterns. It helps them monitor the workers’ social distancing adherence and alerts them suitably.

Manual social distance monitoring is ineffective

Monitoring thousands of employees in a production unit is practically impossible. Kaptiche is cost-effective than having dedicated staff to monitor manually and repeatedly instruct social distancing.

Break the chain of contagion with factory zoning

Kaptiche God’s Eye helps you effectively practice factory zoning: restricting operatives and equipment from entering non-essential areas and avoid mass gatherings. The system value-adds the efficacy of your social distancing initiative by zoning up and preventing crossover violations.

AI-Driven COVID Solution