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Employees Feel Safe at Work

Make your Employees Feel Safe at Work

K-CARE facilitates AI-driven PPE monitoring, fever screening, social distancing, no-touch attendance.

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Safety Compliances & COVID-19 Preventive Practices

Implement Safety Compliances & COVID-19 Preventive Practices

Track and follow-up on your employees’ safety and clinical status with real-time incident reporting.

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Safety Metrics in One Place

Track all the Safety Metrics in One Place

Efficiently handle PPE inventory management, access employees’ historical medical records, compliance checklists, hazard assessment reports, and implement safety guidelines.

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Prioritize your Employees’ Safety with AI-Powered K-CARE

Kaptiche facilitates an enterprise-level health and safety initiative for your valuable workforce. Embrace AI-driven preventive strategies and make your plant a stronghold against COVID-19.

Employees’ Safety

Employee COVID-19 Self-Assessment

Rapid employee self-assessment keeps track of personnel’s health for COVID-19 symptoms.

K-CARE digitizes and processes the self-assessed data to detect patterns and report personnel at risk.

AI-based Accurate Temperature Detection

With AI & ML thermal imaging, accurately screen body temperature from a very safe distance, unlike proximity-based IR thermal sensors.

24*7 PPE Monitoring

24*7 PPE monitoring helps employees adhere to WHO-mandated best practices in wearing face masks. Identify violations in real-time and avoid COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

Track Social Distance

Make your employees feel safe at the workplace with K-CARE! Configure and track social distancing and violations in real-time. Digitally calibrate existing IP cameras and accurately track distance using deep learning technologies.

AI-driven Facial Recognition & Attendance

Eliminate high-touch hotspots with zero-touch multi-person attendance system & facilitate quick access validation. Avoid risky long queues, cut down high chances of viral spread, and reduce virus hotspots.

AI-driven Safety Protocols Save Lives

K-CARE’s highlights each employee’s health risks and helps avoid the grim consequences of safety violations. Automated reporting, combined with safety incident management, are the much-needed innovative solutions for the new normal.

COVID-19 Incident Management

Keep employees safe & healthy through effective reporting, tracking, and monitoring of COVID-19 incidents.

Intelligently routes incidents to the appropriate safety officers for quicker resolution through Machine Learning.

Instant Health Alerts

K-CARE accelerates incident reporting to safety officers and crisis response teams for quick corrective action.

The automatic notification with proofs makes the incident investigation easy, accurate, and comprehensive.

99.999% Safety Compliances

State-mandated COVID-19 health regulations, code of conduct, and must-have safety precautions can be updated with the system to guarantee maximum safety adherence.

K-CARE helps to implement the specific safety protocols and identifies the deviations efficiently.

COVID-19 Symptomatic Health Tracking

K-CARE follows-up on employees and helps to identify early COVID-19 warning signs with enhanced visibility and health tracking.

Capture data quickly with simple questionnaires and forms, encourage anonymous incident reporting, and generate comprehensive flash records for corrective actions.

Safety Audit Intelligence

Streamline and automate organization-wide COVID-19 audit programs and effectively evaluate risk management and governance practices.

The actionable intelligence and audit insights are helpful in proactively setting up benchmarks and defining safety policies.

Safety Protocols

One-point Safety Monitoring through Dashboards

Kaptiche helps to visualize all safety intelligence from centralized dashboard & generates analytical reports. Safety personnel can quickly gain access to safety information, gather insights, and make informed health-driven decisions.

Safety Monitoring

Safety Scoreboards and Metrics

K-CARE provides hawk’s-eye-view of workplace safety by monitoring,

  • Adherence & violations of safety masks and social distancing
  • COVID-19 detection & resolution rates
  • Number of symptomatic employees
  • Temperature screening and reporting

PPE Stock Management

The dashboard provides the availability of infection-preventive materials (disinfectants, sanitizers, N95 masks, and other PPE) in real-time.

K-CARE facilitates instant reorder notifications, maintains the supplies at all times by replenishing the life-saving equipment.

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Dashboards

Visualization dashboard represents quantitative metrics of PPE violations, social distance breaches, or violating safety guidelines to make corrective and preventive actions against COVID-19.

K-CARE offers insightful reports with a comparative analysis to make informed decisions.

AI-Driven COVID Solution