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Traceability: Track Pre, On, And Post-production Of Products With Ultimate Precision

Is it worth focussing on Product Traceability? This is a million-dollar question from manufacturing industry on its effectiveness in production and supply chain management. Ultimately, the overall efficiency is gauged against the productivity of the plant against its finished goods per shift or specified duration. Hence every product needs to be traced end-to-end throughout its lifecycle to know its current location, history, ingredients used, and the process applied.

A product recall is an important activity to protect the brand and at times, to save the lives of the consumer. There are many historical events in a mass recall of products from the market due to the tracing of a production incident to preserve the trust in the quality and integrity of the brand. Manufactures can use barcodes, numbers, RFIDs for bigger products that can be individually handled, whereas for bulk manufacturing can be tracked using batch codes.

Today, consumers are well aware and are keen to know the composition of the product, from whom and when the raw materials were used, when it was produced, shipped and expire. Traceability is required for product quality management. There are many key enablers which can track the product throughout the product line like using IoTs or scanners/IPads/cameras etc., For every product, the system stores the product specifications, quality, timestamps, metrics and reason for quality approval/rejection.

Product tractability provides the following business benefits

  • Identify and fix the root cause
  • Minimize quality costs to identify defective products and their reason to reject
  • Link product to its repair history
  • Warranty and readily available related information
  • Take remedial action and Localize cause of failures

Only big production plants implement product traceability is a big “MYTH.” All Small and Medium plants which cannot afford to incur cost on quality issues are looking out for simple and adaptable solutions like Intelligent data capture feature from Kaptiche. Thus, product traceability is a mandated requirement for a SMART FACTORY and no longer “nice to have.”

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