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Three top Data Automation use-cases to start with Healthcare

Healthcare is driven by affordability and quality of the service offered. Healthcare churns out a lot of data in and out from pharmacy, patient data, laboratory results etc., At one point, it becomes a heap of data garbage and becomes useless lacking insights for decision making. 73% of data is unused in healthcare industry due to lack of automation, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Use case 1: Intelligent Invoice processing and PO generation

Consider a hospital where hundreds of POs are issued, hundreds of invoices are received - which need to be verified with stores as Goods received in actuals, validate against the margins with daily varying MRP. All discrepancies need to be alerted to avoid tarnishing the brand name and avoid losses due to wrong data entry from these multiple documents. Traditionally, multiple resources are deployed to enter data, create PO, cross-check and approve/reject payments. These are time consuming and humans tend to deviate process when the tasks are mundane. Try Intelligent Process Automation tools like Kaptiche, which can perform end-to-end data automation from PO generation at re-order levels, Map PO with Invoices, extract Data from invoices, validate with Goods received and initiate payment processing as per payment terms in connection with SAP masters.

Use case 2: Data driven decision making

Mostly healthcare industry is point-in-time availability of materials hence stocking up, reordering and analytics/demand based procurement is necessary for optimal utilization of resources. This require a good analytics system to decode the heap of historical, real-time and experience based data to useful information to take right decisions at right time. Healthcare industry need best-in-class Big Data engine customized to extract digital dashboards, threshold alerts and real-time reports – which Kaptiche has in-built data analytics and business intelligence engine to meet the healthcare industry demand.

Use case 3: Audit Compliance and Go Paperless automation

Healthcare industry is scrutinized for compliance and back to back audits are conducted throughout the year. During every audit, showing the data on demand becomes a tiresome task, especially when auditors need to scramble documents from a pile of papers. Kaptiche comes with a “Go Paperless” solution, where the data is extracted from any unstructured documents like medical bills, invoices, prescriptions, lab reports etc., index and store them for advance search. Thus the auditee will be able to easily retrieve documents, submit the required proofs in matter of seconds complying to audit requirements.

Prioritizing this 3 use cases for 2019 and 2020, healthcare industry would meet 60% requirements of Automation 4.0. Any industry that do not adopt the booming AI, ML and analytics will stay behind in the race to success.

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