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Sensiple-Zoho partnership: a new milestone in process automation and improved customer experience

Meaningful business collaborations have always been a two-way contribution: all the involved participants should offer what they have and benefitted from what others have to offer, thus complementing each other. This business model meets the overall purpose of the partnership and upgrades the business so as to provide better-quality product experience to the customers.

When it comes to the new business partnership between Kaptiche and Zoho, this is exactly the case. So, what’s so important about it? What this new business affiliation would mean for the customers?

Zoho inventory management software is into expediting inventory control, order management, warehouse management, and stock adjustments to its customers. For their part, the customers are supposed to enter the bills to the system – manually. And here’s the catch: the customers had to enter hundreds of documents of data, each bill containing several fields of information within.  

The result had been far from perfect. The process itself was immensely tiresome and took several hours just to feed the data into the Zoho system. The manually typed data contained human errors which made the problem get even worse. 

At this point, Zoho turned to automate this data entry processes. That’s how this Sensiple-Zoho partnership came to be. Sensiple’s intelligent process automation system Kaptiche has profound expertise in automatically capturing data from the printed documents and helps the customers avoid manual data entry entirely.

Now the stage is set: Zoho facilitates inventory control to its customers and Kaptiche Intelligent Process Automation (KIPA) system would extract the customers’ data.

How Zoho customers can avail of this business advantage? Kaptiche product will be listed as an extension in Zoho Marketplace. Customers can subscribe to it and use it with login accounts. Whenever customers want to add their bills to Zoho Inventory, all they need to do is to upload the documents to the Kaptiche system.

Kaptiche has an intuitively advanced core engine called ‘Howard.’ This engine intelligently parses through any type of documents and extracts the specified data accurately. Kaptiche validates the extracted information and feeds the data automatically to the Zoho Inventory. Customers can upload hundreds of such documents in a given moment.

There was a time when the manual work took the majority of the business hours of Zoho customers; it was costly too. Kaptiche will help them to automate and optimize their everyday operations with remarkable efficiency. The customers will be able to make the most of the Zoho Inventory to increase and forecast their sales, handle orders, and manage warehouse operations. Repetitive tasks are no more trouble to tackle with.

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