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The role of Document Capture Software in logistics and supply chain

Ever since the global market has seen the previously unknown rise of the shipping and logistics business, it is no exaggeration to state that it has been the defining and the game-changing sector that upholds the economy of a nation.

But there is a standard projection that all we see are the ships, cargos, large-sized containers, large machinery equipment etc. But the brain of all these large outer operations, is the efficient back-office processes and, of course, plenty of documentation processes.

So, for the successful export of your goods and product to reach the buyer in safe and sound, that data is prepared as a printed paper document. But, in case if we need to derive some important data, let’s say the serial number or the agreement statement, how that data is extracted? Who would say that it’s easy to create a well-prepared document with the right information with 100% accuracy? Now, it is indeed a big relief for the logistics business with the arrival of the Document Capture Software? Let us find out how!

The document-filled world of shipping and logistics

In case, if you want to export your product, say red chillies to Europe, the largest importer of chili pepper, you cannot just load and transit the shipment!

There are a number of various documents such as Commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, bill of lading, house BL, Master BL are created, right? Besides, many logistics-related documents data are full of conventional tables and form fields. These scanned documents may be sent as an image file attached in a mail. Although these documents follow a particular form and format, the major part of them consists of variable data. Data like the value of the said cargo, shipping bill, invoice number, date, consignee address, quantity, the packing order of the cargo in each of the package and numerous other details are a part of the documents. All these crucial data are manually entered accordingly and converted into the digital format. So, the number of paper documents will be enormous that you cannot even readily search through those documents in case you may want to refer or edit them.

Document capture software and its immense solutions

The paper documents bring with them their trouble. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the paper files, and it is unimaginable to search and extract some data that might contain critical business intelligence. With document capture technology, all these enormous volumes of printed papers that may be found in formats like PDF, JPG, etc., can be rendered into the searchable and editable electronic file with the support of optical character recognition.

So, what else would be a better choice for the paper-ridden shipping and logistics industry than the Kaptiche document capture software? With artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities, Kaptiche meticulously automates the entire process of capturing the transportation and consignment business insights. Thus, valuable details of a commercial documents can be successfully extracted, leading us to have the best solution for paper documentation. Regardless of the formats of the document, Kaptiche systematically captures data, that are constrained by the handwritten and skewed document format.

It’s time to make a decision!

Information extraction is easily said than done. Data-centered key fields such as big data, data science, and data analytics are largely depended on Kaptiche. For its most part, logistics and supply chain is one of the largest handler of the heavy amount of data and, without Kaptiche, multitude of business-sensitive data could not effectively be captured and rendered meaningful. Accuracy and quite efficiency is only possible with Kaptiche, thanks to its AI-powered excellence. The next big leap of intelligent technology starts with Kaptiche!

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