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Real-time Monitoring With Threshold Breach Alert To Control The Production Loss

Supervising is an essential job function in Manufacturing, as it is a vital component to monitor the productivity of men, machines, and systems. Most of the time, the supervisor findings and alerts are considered as micromanagement creating displeasure among workers. When metrics comes from machines that do not have IoT, Supervisor has to look into the historic logs captured by the floor staff and take decisions based on it.

Most of the Manufacturing industry do come across some of the following situations:

  • Delay in taking the decision due to the frequency of taking logs - say once in an hour or per shift from Instruments, HMIs, and counters
  • Floor staff making an error in readings intentionally to avoid escalations or by human error/mistake
  • Too many metrics to be monitored from different sources; which is humanly not possible
  • Psychological issues and conflicts in monitoring human productivity

The Machine-vision approach is adding eyes to the system – where the handwritten logs are replaced with digital mechanisms like Camera, Ipads (Non-IoT) to extract useful information from Instruments, HMIs, etc., at predefined intervals, thus avoiding any human intervention and errors. Each metric can be monitored at specific intervals and with a preset threshold configuration - the Intelligent engine alerts the supervisor on any breach immediately, which can be addressed instantaneously and logged in the system for analytics at a later stage.

“Human monitoring a human” always involves more recurring cost on supervisory staff, whereas with machine-vision doing the job with configured threshold – the staff and supervisors are alerted through a mobile device/SMS/E-mail on any deviation. Thus the staff and supervisor blame the “system” and harmony prevails between workers. Also, since the events are recorded and used as a metric for OEE productivity – the staffs are cautious at work and align with the implemented system.

The Manufacturing threshold configuration and customizations to the requirement are available only with very few products in the market – like Kaptiche.

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