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Plan Your Productions Way Ahead With The Advanced Planning System

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” Production Planning and scheduling will provide maximum efficiency from machinery and shop floor worker. Having a solid plan with required inputs in place during the production - removes last minute chase, reduces stress, and increases productivity. Keeping too many increases handling issues, wastage, and damages. So production planning is not giving too much or too less – it’s about providing the right quantity “On-Demand.”

In the manufacturing floor, Planning, Implementation, Inspection, Analysis plays a vital role, and a solid production planning is required else even the simplest business would fail by not meeting the demand. Planning on papers is an old fashion as it brings in a lot of disadvantages like – mapping interdependencies, applying formulas, rudimentary methods, understanding difficulty, granular access to specific plans/tasks, etc., A SMART factory should have a robust planning system in place that can be accessed, modified and updated by right stakeholders; which is connected to the appropriate team and tracked on real-time progress.

What should your Production planning tool track? But not limited to

  • Raw materials & Supplies at the right capacity
  • Stations & Priorities
  • Workshop logistics
  • Staff productivity
  • Process

The planning tool should interact with each element in the factory and provide a holistic approach in meeting the demands. If the tool can capture delays or break-downs in the production line and consider the capacity to accommodate the delivery against incurred downtime.

Most of the big manufacturing companies use sophisticated products, but they have limitation in customizing to requirement; whereas small and medium factories use Excel spreadsheet with complete limitation to effective production planning.

While choosing the Production planning and scheduling tool – do have these features verified:

  • Prepare for change and keep up the demand
  • Minimize storage costs and inventory transport
  • Identify production bottlenecks
  • Tracks product lifecycle and delivery schedules
  • Prevent idle time
  • Reduce scheduling errors
  • Provide accurate, realistic timelines

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