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Kaptiche in Warehousing and Logistics

It is an erroneous belief that a warehouse is not more than a storage space. The truth is, warehousing is pivotal for growth of the supply chain, stabilize the price, and to encourage mass production of goods. It serves as the center point for supply chain and other value-adding processes of goods.

Proper documentation of the incoming and the outbound goods would run a warehouse successfully. But, despite having a well-organized warehouse, handling a large volume of paper documents is still a challenge to the industry. How to effectively capture this crucial information buried in those documents?

The problem with the usual warehouse inventory

The data a warehouse receives in a day defies imagination. Order invoices, packing slips, package details etc., come along with the cargo. The cargo details contained within documents sent by the shipper or the transporter is then extracted to prepare the inventory.

If, for example, the quantity of the shipment is mentioned in the documents on arrival, it is then manually captured and entered into another file format. But it consumes a lot of time to search through the information and then entering it. Even then, the entered data may be inaccurate and ridden with errors. If you prepare an inventory based on this misguided data, the entire system collapses.

Kaptiche’s solutions

Full stop to manual data entry:
Now Kaptiche data capture software comes in handy for all those who are troubled by these setbacks. Manually capturing the invoice numbers and consignee information, for instance, would take several hours. Kaptiche automatically and digitally extracts the necessary information into the accessible file formats. Kaptiche is incredibly scalable that you can extract information from thousands of documents in minutes.

No matter what source file formats are, Kaptiche extracts the data accurately and renders them searchable. So the next time you need to check a stack of the package and its buyer/seller details, you have them ready and you do not have to search through the shipment papers manually.

Store and retrieve the data anytime:

In a warehouse, the document loss is a common issue. With Kaptiche, you can store and retrieve the extracted data that goes back years. If you want to trace a merchandise shipment in the past, the usual method is to manually search through the bundles of documents and the pertaining invoice number to get the information. But since you have the data extracted in a digital file, you can retrieve the information from anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate human-made errors:

Data entry errors are also posing a major threat to warehousing and logistics. If the wrongly captured data – say the weight of a package – is then labeled on the package tag, it will lead to serious confusions. But Kaptiche eliminates the manual errors, and captures the data accurately without human intervention.

Safe data classification:

Hazardous chemical compounds may also be stored in a general warehouse. Such packages have hazardous cargo shipment labels that contain images and numbers. Kaptiche captures even these labels with different colors and images. These labels usually contain the item code, the name of the chemical component, and the chemical table name with relevant images. By digitally capturing these sensitive data, Kaptiche then classifies the information according to the pertaining shipment. For example, flammable chemicals details are indexed under its respective data set. This data classification simplifies the warehouse operation, and you will not mix up the cargo with one another.

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