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Kaptiche God’s Eye: Zero Safety Deviations with AI-based Machine Vision

Global manufacturing industries are gaining momentum with the arrival of Machine Learning to the production floors. Over and above the Automated machines and increased productivity, the production floors are still vulnerable to hazardous work conditions. It has hence become highly imperative that technological advancements in Manufacturing areas trickle down to address the compliance of the safety norms by the personnel as well.

For manufacturers who are trying to achieve the zero safety violations and no-harm zone, God’s Eye has been a revelation for Manufacturing Companies all around the Globe.

Monitor, Adhere and Comply to Safety Norms with Machine Vision

God’s Eye is a systematically developed surveillance and monitoring solution from Kaptiche that detects, recognizes, tracks and locates the shop floor workers or the Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) like Hard Hats, Safety Goggles, Ear Muff, Safety Hand Gloves, Reflective Safety Vest, Fall Protection Gear, and Full-Body Suits, as well as the Safety and ESD shoes and tracks any objects being moved or crossed their allocated line or direction or path.

This AI-based Machine Vision watches over the production floors to warrant zero safety deviations by,

  • Adherence to PPE
  • Employee Trip Tracking
  • Instant report on safety breaches with facial recognition
  • Sentinel, Near Misses, Adverse, No harm

Safety and Compliance adherence through existing Video Surveillance

It all begins with the truth that surveillance is a hindrance to violators. However, manufacturers would like to create a safe floor, it’s an enduring problem to track people, train them to adhere to PPE and perceive if they do meet the norms.

Remarkably Kaptiche God’s Eye has orchestrated video content analysis, by virtue of video analytics via software-enabled monitoring using the live video stream from surveillance grade IP cameras, facilitating a solution to supervise and monitor the status of employees adhering to PPE at any given time. Once a violation occurs, such as the absence of goggles, the Kaptiche system immediately detects and alerts the appropriate stakeholders with the reports.

Not wearing personal protective equipment substantially increases the chances of injuries and also financial losses in many prevailing circumstances owing to heavy fines for workers’ injury and death as well as unhealthiness caused by not equipping Hard Hats, Safety Goggles, Ear Muff, etc. The rate of technology transfer combined with the Kaptiche AI engine has laid the foundation to exhibit solutions with the possibilities to avoid injuries, preserving lives, money and time.

The facial recognition and real-time tracking aspect of God’s Eye captures the employees right from their entrance to the premises and keeps track of safety adherence and tracks the shop floor for detecting any deviations in the work being performed.

In broad outline, PPE adherence will reduce workplace injuries and fatalities. The outcome would be much fruitful as manufacturers can create zero safety violations and no-harm zone. AI facial recognition and people tracking improvise safety and keep people accountable for the task they do. Kaptiche God’s Eye takes AI-based Machine Vision to its next big stage and enhances better-equipped manufacturing with advanced innovation and intelligence.

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