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How Kaptiche can Make its Marks on the Manufacturing Industry

Following the wake of the global financial crisis 2007-08, the business market was feared to have experienced an irrevocable blow. But it was the manufacturing industry that helped the economy to rebound to its steady state. The World Bank itself has acknowledged the “cyclical recovery of the global economy by manufacturing activity.”

And this recovery and growth are mainly due to the digital technologies employed by the manufacturing industries across the globe. In a PwC survey about the future of manufacturing enterprise, 90% of respondents said that they believe digitization offers their companies more opportunities.

As promising as these may seem, there still are some areas of manufacturing processes untouched by the digital transformations. Yes, an efficient plan and means to capture and process the data from the paper documents are still an eluding solution to the manufacturers.

The importance of precise documentation

A report endorsed by Forbes states that the biggest challenge industries are facing today is poor data mobility and the inability to find the content. Yes, the statistics are staggering: it takes 5-15% of a knowledge worker’s time just to read the information contained within the paper documents. It takes even more time to search the actual necessary data and process them effectively. To worsen the scene, manufacturing industry in its entirety – from the initial conception and planning, to the production, packaging, and distribution process – depends on documentation.

Time to stop manual data entry:

How manufacturing company handles its digital or paper documents? If, for instance, an organization receives the supply order, its invoice number, order quantity, and other vital data are manually typed into another digital file to distribute and store the information. How tedious a job it is! Manual data entry consumes a large amount of your productive time, and it is incredibly expensive, too. You are required to set up a team of data entry operators and, even then, it takes you months to finish entering the stack of documents, and this slows down your operation.

Now Kaptiche data capture software automates this data entry process. All you have to do is feed the digital documents – no matter what format – and Kaptiche extracts the information in minutes. Kaptiche comprehends the numeric, letters, and all the other special characters and electronically captures them. No manual human intervention is needed anymore.

Eliminate human errors:

Man-made errors are emerging as a big problem in document capture. Sometimes, these errors may lead to serious regulatory noncompliance as well. If you are into manufacturing food, beverages, or cosmetics, the proper labeling of batch codes and expiration dates is necessary. If these crucial data are wrongly typed while documenting, the final label print would also have inaccurate data. But by capturing the data with Kaptiche and rendering the machine-readable data, errors are reduced, and consumer safety and your product reliability are safeguarded.

Search and edit your data electronically:

Kaptiche does not just stop at extracting the data. It converts the captured information into the text-searchable file formats. Kaptiche quickly transforms the long scanned sales contracts into workable documents. You can digitally store, edit, search, and share the data across multiple platforms.

Beverages, food, or pharmaceutical manufacturing, for instance, are obliged to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. GMP guidelines stringently require these eatable and healthcare manufacturers to maintain proper records and documentation to increase the quality assurance.

With Kaptiche, you can extract the data from the regulatory and render the important notations text-searchable. Alongside you may extract the information from your GMP documents and store them too. In case of an audit, all you need is to search the file with specific keywords and establish your conformity with the regulations very easily. Of course, unlike the hefty process of manually searching for the information through the large documents, it’s all a matter of few seconds to search and find the data digitally.

Save operational costs:

Manual data entry forces manufacturing sectors to spend a more substantial portion of their budgets on rectifying human errors. Incorrect reporting caused by these errors and the extra time it takes to correct them further delays the productive results, leading to a series of workflow damages. But by eradicating human errors, Kaptiche eases pressure on profit margins and helps you to do more with lesser cost.

All the more appropriate and workable in the sense of wonder that might not be attainable at the private level.

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