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How Document Capture Software Works for Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare industries are under constant pressure to provide high-quality patient care. They have to manage sophisticated healthcare documents such as electronic health record, hospital information, lab information, bills, etc., A document capture software enables healthcare organizations to go paperless and improve work efficiency via an electronic document workflow.

The Kaptiche Document Capture Software is customized specifically to help healthcare organizations. Our document capture solution covers all the healthcare documents like patient medical record, invoice processing, human resource document management, supplier’s contracts and purchase order management, admission, registration forms, patient encounter forms and medical feedback records.

Patients records are one of the most significant components of an electronic health record. It includes hospital information, lab, and test results, discharge information, progress notes, and legal forms, etc., Two significant documents that need to be captured are patient identification and date of service. Kaptiche could be set up to automatically capture information like names, dates, and patient ID numbers. The automatic document classification system helps to classify the reports automatically, by mapping the documents received with the template designed for each document.

By automating this process, healthcare providers can ensure the information is available for patient care or patient accounting with minimal labor. With effective document digitization and precise data extraction, healthcare providers can harness the immense potential of data.

With Kaptiche, you will be able to digitize and archive your critical documents and send it to downstream applications which integrate them into your existing IT systems, ERP, CRM, daily processes, and workflows. Automatically extracting the data enables quick analysis of data and results being shared, that help make timely and informed decisions. Automated extraction and digitization of documents allows healthcare professionals to analyze data quickly, efficiently and make timely and informed decisions.

Here are few reasons why you should consider Kaptiche for the healthcare industry

  • Save time and reduced cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduced manual data entry error
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

The technologies such as bar codes, character recognition (OCR/ICR) and auto-classification when applied to automated data extraction, also immensely increase the return on investment (ROI) on the document imaging.

Meet your data processing and timing requirements with service level agreement(SLA) support. SLA set the priority for document processing stages and change the sequence of documents in a queue to increase the required timescales. And also, automating the data capture process has been proven to minimize labor cost by at least 50% in the healthcare industry. Would you like to know more on how it is done? Email us at or schedule a demo of Kaptiche for more information on how we help healthcare organizations like yours transform your data management process.

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