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Get greater visibility into your laborers’ productivity with smart data capture

The most important and vital strength of a company is its human workforce. Every company’s aim is to measure their employee’s complete potential and to identify their eminent labour. The overall efficiency of the company’s output and impact towards the business market is completely based on their labors’ productivity and performance.

The manufacturers were faced with challenges to collect significant data of various shift timings to estimate employee performance rate. Irrespective of their shift timings, Different teams with various shift schedules put them in challenging task to identify or to calculate their exact productivity of resources used during production time.

Due to manual interventions in the production flow, sometimes the resource could make false values in order to complete their target production which leads to incorrect production rate.

Consider a plant which runs 24 hours a day and 3 shifts per day, is it possible to collect the real-time data without manual errors? Yes, it’s possible with the help of Kaptiche. Kaptiche – an intelligent process automation system used to capture the company’s entire production flow during the real-time production processes.

Kaptiche recorded the total shift timings of the workers required to complete the overall production process. Kaptiche trained to record information like time required to manufacture the final product, time duration acquired for quality test, final packing process, etc.

Kaptiche captured these real-time data accurately and displayed in Kaptiche dashboard with graphical representation which helps industries to view their real-time analytical reports. Kaptiche generated reports that helps manufacturers to estimate their laborers’ performance rate and also help the management team to identify the problem in their labour force to resolve it.

Kaptiche with advance AI-based solution helps industries to measure the difference between actual shift timings and expected shift timings to provide complete shift performance rate.

Shift-performance provides the following business benefits:

  • It helps manufacturers to calculate the overall productivity of their labors.
  • Reduces Manual interventions and helps them to decrease 40% flaw ratio.
  • Helps to identify the overall defectives in a complete shift.

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