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With AI Machine Vision, Kaptiche helped textile manufacturer to reduce fabric defects

Kaptiche has accomplished a notable business with a prominent textile manufacturer. In the era of integrating traditional manufacturing with smart technology, Kaptiche has helped the textile giant to achieve digital transformation with its rich process automation facilities. 

“It’s a big day for our company”, said the CEO of the company. “We’ve been thinking of upgrading all our production processes to align with our vision of Industry 4.0. Now we’ve come across Kaptiche and its innovative AI and Machine Learning-based data analytics and automation. Kaptiche has provided us with the means to collect and analyze our production data and helped us pull off difficult but persistent problems of downtime, machinery maintenance, and labor productivity.”

The manufacturer approached Kaptiche to measure their laborers’ efficiency and minimize their downtime. Kaptiche digitized the data capture and analyzing functions and equipped them to control and manage all the phases of productions from fabric manufacturing and pre-treatment, to coloring, spinning, and weaving.

The textile company is a lucrative manufacturer of silks, synthetic fibers, and apparel. They export 60% of the production to European markets.

This new business tie with Kaptiche is intended to bring in AI, machine learning, and intuitive automating features into the ordinary manufacturing processes and the company’s management has expressed its willingness to work closely with the Kaptiche team.

“We’re so glad to forge this new enterprise relationship with the manufacturing company, said Sensiple’s MD and COO Mr. Kumara Swamy. Real-time data capture is what we have set out to establish, and that’s what, we believe, will enrich modern manufacturing and help them attain 4.0.”

About Kaptiche:

Kaptiche is a digital process automation system. With its rich set of features to collect and visualize data, its goal is to help manufacturers meet the standards of Industry 4.0. It offers end-to-end digitization of invoice processing, data-driven production planning, product tracking, tracking of employees, preventing machine failure, and downtime analysis. Its distinctive attribute of God’s Eye, a machine vision concept, is a video capture technical feat. It leverages AI to capture and analyze video and provide insights for real-time decision-making.

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