Kaptiche – CaptureWise is an Intelligent Data Capture platform that helps organizations and industries to go paperless and digitize through Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm. Our cutting edge machine learning algorithm extracts useful information from images, printed/scanned documents, handwritten documents, barcodes, video streams etc., and uses Artificial intelligence to classify, index, sort and save the documents for advanced search and audit records.

Kaptiche caters its Intelligence services to all industries, especially to Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance in automating their workflow to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.

Kaptiche has advance zero-touch data extraction & analysis, and special connectors to interconnect with machinery, HMI, PLC, ERP, and MISfor workflow automation without making any changes to the existing process and procedures.

Kaptiche improves the Return of Investment (RoI) through simple implementation, seamless integrations with existing ERP, improves productivity and ease of use for resources with minimal to no trainings.

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Our Goals and Objectives

We believe in tech that works for you, not tech you have to figure out. We work to help easier, smart decisions for your growth.






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Efficiently Harness & consolidate, relevant & timely data from various areas of the organization.

To Leverage this centralized data & enable organization in making Intelligent and informed decisions.

And Scale-up to Paperless Manufacturing and the SMART Factory of the Future.

System Workflow

Kaptiche will help organizations reduce redundant paperwork and the burden on manpower by efficiently transforming structured or unstructured documents into retrievable information, providing users with options for delivering meaningful information into business applications and databases.

What Kaptiche offers to our customers is superior quality, perfect accuracy and transparency in technology with intelligent processing

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