"The automated workflow feature minimizes the physical sorting of documents. The Mobile app and web browser accessibility is highly convenience of our executives and outdoor teams to feed in to our CRM in central repository."
Sales Director, Leading Household Equipment Manufacturer in India
"Kaptiche solution delivered to us with affordable price and delivers flexibility towards the future without any change in cost."
Business Head, Leading Logistics Company
"The transaction provides a value towards the document ingestion for data folders. The insights with multiple formats will be accessed and stored in our content folders. These capabilities are well designed in their data capture solution in an efficient way towards the organization."
CIO, Leading Financial Investment Company
"We introduced Kaptiche data capturing solution for invoice processing, and we have reduced the turnaround time for invoice processing."
CFO, Leading FMCG Product Manufacturing Company
"We saw an opportunity to use Kaptiche for streamlining a number of processes by eliminating redundant work, which allowed us to increase efficiency."
Operations Manager, Leading Logistics company

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In this era of Industry 4.0, where business operations are driven by the integration of connected, autonomous, and smart digital technologies, automation becomes pivotal to speed up worldwide growth.

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Kaptiche is an advanced AI/ML intelligent process automation solution which is capable of extracting data in a categorized manner from any document. Our product can interact with mobile devices, e-mails, fax and file transfer to fetch data. This offers a powerful solution that helps companies to reduce manual efforts associated with document classifications and enable retrieval of meaningful data.

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